About me

Throughout my 10 years as an esthetician, nail technician, and makeup artist, I have come to learn the intricacies of how the skin functions, how to work very precisely with my hands,  and how to apply makeup to flatter any face.

While working  as a professional artist for 4 years and attending Emily Carr for the Advanced Painting in Fine Arts program, I learned the most important element of composition and design: Ф The Golden Ratio


This knowledge has been key to how I design your semi-permanent makeup. The culmination of these skills ensure that the treatment you receive is completely custom designed in accordance to your facial proportions.

The Process

eyebrows_golden ratio
Step 1 – The Golden Ratio

I measure and mark your face by methods of The Golden Ratio using several different measuring tools to help achieve the best proportions, harmony, and balance for your bone structure.

Step 2 – Shaping

With makeup, I draw in a general shape in accordance with the markings we have made.  We may adjust the shape and thickness as many times as you’d like until we achieve the desired look.  

Step 3 – Micropigmentation

We numb the area, choose a pigment best suited for your skin and hair color, then start the tattooing procedure (please note that for Eyebrows, tattooing is done by microblading,  which is different than the traditional tattoo done by machine. If you get keloid scarring, this treatment will NOT be suitable for you.)


Am I able to have this procedure?

You may NOT have this procedure if :

  • You are under 18
  • You get Keloid scars
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have been on Accutane within 1 year
  • You have irritation of the skin of any kind such as blemishes, pimples, rash, psoriosis, eczema, rosacea, sunburn on the area of procedure.
  • You are on Retin-A or Retinols.  Be off 30 days before appointment and avoid 30 days after procedure.
  • Diabetic (consult your doctor)
  • Have HIV or Hepatitus or any other viral infections and/or diseases
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
  • Epilepsy
  • A Pacemaker or major heart problems
  • Had an Organ transplant
  • You generally don’t heal well and develop infections easily
  • If your old tattoo is too dark (please contact me to send a picture so I can see how faded your old tattoo is)

What do I need to know/do to prepare for my appointment?

Please be aware:

  • Do NOT DRINK ALCOHOL or CAFFEINE  before the procedure (at least 24hrs for alcohol)
  • Do NOT  TAKE ADVIL or other blood thinners such a Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen unless medically necessary, 48-72 hrs prior to your procedure. Extra strength Tylenol can be taken if you have low pain tolerance.
  • If you have recently tanned this will affect the outcome of the healed colour.
  • If you’ve had laser removal of previous work done by someone else, the treated area has now more scar tissue and can affect the outcome of the result.  More treatments may be necessary to have the skin take the colour.
  • Botox should be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Avoid exercising the day of procedure as this will open up the pores.
  • Please note that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.
  • No waxing, threading or tinting 3 days before
  • No chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, strong exfoliants, vitamin E, retinols, fish oil, or anything that will thin out your skin in the treated area at least 4 weeks before your appointment.
  • Immediately following your procedure, the tattooed area will appear to be darker and bolder in color and more sharply defined. Over the next 2 days it will appear even darker and thicker as scabs begin to form. You must let the scabs naturally flake off bit by bit. It will take up to 14 days for scabbing to be over.
  • You may NOT get the area wet for too long or apply any kind of products (except what I provide for your aftercare) for at least 10 days after. NO makeup on the area for 2 weeks.

For Eyebrow Microblading:

If your natural eyebrows are dramatically uneven, you may have to give up a significant amount of  your eyebrow hairs or choose a much thicker shape to achieve better symmetry. If those options are not desired and symmetry is not a concern for you, you may opt to tattoo over the natural flow of each eyebrow.

If we are covering up an old tattoo previously done by another artist, please come with realistic expectations of what is possible to achieve. If the former tattoo is extremely uneven or dramatic in shape, we may not be able to achieve your exact desired shape or symmetry. Any hairstrokes done within the old tattoo may blend in and will not be as crisp, giving an appearance of unevenness in color and the old tattoo will still show through the new hairstrokes.

All options will be discussed during the consultation, and tattooing will not start until the final design is agreed upon so please come prepared with an idea in mind of how you would like to design your eyebrows. Having pictures available will help me have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve.

What is "The Golden Ratio"?

The Golden ratio 1.618 known as Phi (and also as Golden Mean, Golden Section, Divine Proportion and its mathematical cousin, the Fibonacci sequence) is a proportion that appears in the patterns and proportions of every living form and even in the dimensions of our DNA. Key features of the human face can embody many golden ratios, leading to our perceptions of beauty. The appearance of this ratio creates a sense of balance, harmony and beauty in the design we find in nature. Which is why mankind has applied this same proportion, both consciously and subconsciously in art, architecture, design and composition.

What is Microblading?

Microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery or feathering) originated in Far East Asia. This method is the finest form of eyebrow tattooing, using a pen-like device with a disposable microblade attached to stroke very thin lines of pigment into the skin. These thin lines flow in the same direction as your own hairs, and create the most natural results. This method is different than the traditional tattoo done by machine. If you get keloid scarring, this treatment will NOT be suitable for you.

Will Microblading work well for me?

Microblading works BEST on these types of skin:

  • Dry skin type with tiny pores. Skin that’s thin but not super thin (I like to compare this skin to a grape). This type of skin is usually not very sensitive with non-translucent fair ivory skin tone and doesn’t bleed easily.
  • Normal to combination skin-type with small pores can be abit oily to dry and sensitive or not sensitive (I like to compare this skin to an apple). This type of skin is usually non-translucent and can range from light to dark skin tones, young or mature skin and doesn’t bleed easily.
  • Normal to Oily skin with medium pores. Skin that is thicker and abit oily ( I like to compare this skin to a lime). This type of skin is usually non-translucent and can range from light to dark skin tones, young or mature skin and doesn’t bleed easily.

Microblading will NOT WORK WELL for these types of skin:

  • Thick oily skin with large pores, tends to bleed easily (I like to compare this skin to an orange peel or grapefruit). The skin texture and constant production of oil will cause the hairstrokes to heal with a thicker diffused, softer look. I can work on this type of skin, however, you must be aware that your end result will look more powdered and blended than you would expect.
  • Super-thin, soft, hypersensitive, skin with barely any upper skin layer (I like to compare this type of skin to a peeled hard boiled egg or tomato, or sometimes like a marshmallow). Usually translucent and pale with invisible pores and can have rosacea or dermatitis. This type of skin bleeds VERY easily, has a harder time healing, Pigment can appear more ashy, blurred and patchy.

If you have an old tattoo that is still quite dark, the strokes will blend right into the old tattoo and results will not look as crisp as going over blank skin (**see ” Can we cover up or remove my old tattoo done by another artist?”).

If you are a frequent smoker, your pigment may fade sooner.

If you are iron deficient or Anemic, your pigment may fade sooner and bleeding/bruising may occur during and after the procedure.

If you generally have problematic skin, bleed excessively, get infections easily, and do not heal well when cut or injured, you may want to reconsider having this procedure as the results are extremely dependant on the healing process.

Can we cover up / colour correct / remove my old tattoo done by another artist?


If we are covering up an old tattoo previously done by another artist, please come with realistic expectations of what is possible to achieve. If the former tattoo is extremely uneven or dramatic in shape, we may not be able to achieve your exact desired shape or symmetry. Any hairstrokes done within the old tattoo may blend in and will not be as crisp, giving an appearance of unevenness in color and the old tattoo will still show through the new hairstrokes. If there is a build up of scar tissue, the strokes may not hold as well in those areas. Specifications on an exact color after healed is not guarenteed.

If you want to correct the color of your old tattoo (that has faded to red/orange/blue/gray) so it doesn’t end up showing between the hairstrokes, color correcting can be an option by shading in the area with a color correcting pigment done by machine. This must be done at least 6 weeks prior to an Eyebrow Feathering appointment. Hairstrokes will still not be as crisp with color correcting. Please keep in mind that the pigment I use are semi permanent and do fade over time which means that the color of your old tattoo will still be there as my pigment fades. You will need touchups to maintain a neutralized color

For optimum results with Microblading, you may also opt to remove your old tattoo . This option may require several sessions (done before your microblading procedure at least 8 weeks apart) for desired results. It works by implanting a special saline solution to lift out the old pigment. The healing process will be the same as the tattoo treatment. Although great results are achievable in most cases, every case is circumstantial and there is no guarantee for how many sessions it will take to achieve desired results, or that the old tattoo will completely go away.

All options will be discussed during the consultation, and tattooing will not start until the final design is agreed upon.

Please contact to send a picture of your old tattoo prior to booking an appointment for cover up, colour correcting, and removal treatments to eliminate the risk of losing your deposit due to not being able to work over the old tattoo.

What should I expect after my treatment?

Immediately after, the area will be EXTREMELY dark and get darker over the next 2 days as a scab forms in the area. 30-50% of your pigment will be in the scabs. Over the next 7-14 days your scabs should flake off bit by bit. Some people scab in light flakes and some develop a thick scab. Everybody is different, but whatever you do, do NOT pick at the scabs and make sure you read through and follow the AFTERCARE INSTUCTIONS properly to obtain the best results. 

If the scabbing phase is not over by 14 days, please continue your Aftercare intructions until scabs are completly gone.

After the scabbing phase is over, you will see that the color of your pigment appears foggy and muted in color because a layer of skin has grown over the pigment to seal it in. Not to worry, over the next several weeks your skin will regenerate and the pigment will be more vibrant in color. The complete healing process takes at least 6 weeks which is when the true orientation of the pigment will show.

For most people, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem going to work or being out in public, as long as you’re good at following aftercare instructions. However, some people may develop thicker scabs and have minor swelling. You may take an Advil or apply an icepack after your treatment to reduce swelling and discomfort. 

Can I get them wet or work out?

Getting them wet for prolonged periods of time may cause premature lifting of your scabs and increase the chance of infections and loss of pigment. If you get them wet, you must blot them dry immediately to avoid complications and undesired results such as smudgey blurred lines, scar tissue, and uneven pigment.

You also must avoid sweating in that area for at least 10 days. Salt draws out pigment and you will be left with undersirable results.

Can I wash my face and wear makeup after?

Chemicals found in makeup and cleansers may alter the color of the pigment and affect the healing process so it would be best to wash around it.

No makeup on the brows for at least two weeks but everywhere else is fine. 

How long does it take?

For brows, 2 hours. The consultation takes up most of this time.  Numbing the area takes 30 min. The actual tattooing is 15-30 minutes.

Touchups are 1 hour 30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

I use a strong topical anesthetic cream and gel with 5% Lidocain for numbing before and throughout the procedure for maximum comfort as pain tolerance will vary from person to person. Some say it feels like threading or dull scratching, while feel more sensitive. 

If you require something stronger, you may ask your doctor for a prescription of 10% lidocain numbing cream (please make sure the consistency is cream-like NOT vaseline-like as the greasiness will alter my markings for your brow shape).

You may bring 1-2 Extra strength Tylenol to take after our consultation for additional comfort if you have low pain tolerance.

Do you travel to other cities for your services? What about touch-ups?

Yes! I do occasionally travel and offer services in other cities. Please note that prices may increase or vary for travel dates due to travel expenses and studio fees for my guest spots.

Although I do plan on coming back to those cities for future touch-ups, it really depends on the studio and whether or not they have space for me. So please take into consideration that guest spots do not guarantee a specific time frame for your second appointment in the same city.  If you wish to receive your touch-up appointments from me, you may need to arrange to come to my studio located in Vancouver B.C. Or you can stay updated on future travel dates to the same city on my instagram account @ArtistryofAngelaLin. Touch-ups for travel dates will be booked with the studio fee included in the price. I will be sure to email any previous clients to book touch-ups when coming back to your area.

One session will make a big difference by giving you a more natural look and provide a perfect guideline to help you fill in with makeup when needed. With this guideline, filling in with makeup or shaping them by tweezing will be super quick and easy from then on. My clients usually get great retention, and a large percentage of them don’t come back for the touch-up to keep a more natural look. Please check out my “One Session Healed Gallery” or #aoalhealedpics on my instgram account for all pics of healed work after one session to see if you would benefit from one session results.

Check out the section “Will Microblading work well for me?” in my FAQ to see if your skin would be a good candidate for this treatment.

**Please read the policies section about deposits for out of town guest spots.

Do I need a touchup?

The first appointment is about stucture, design, and building a layer of hairstrokes for a very natural look

In most cases, only a minor touchup is neccesary to fill in any sparse areas for a very natural look and some do choose to skip having a touch-up appointment right after to keep the look more natural.

If you are opting for a denser more filled-in look, or need more layering for dimension, then a touch-up is recommended to create more density and balance for your brows.

Some may need a 3rd session to complete the process. Especially if you have little to no hair to begin with, have scar tissue, oily skin type, or we are trying to cover up an old tattoo.

After my first touch-up, how often do I come back for touch-ups?

It is recommended that after 2 sessions of microblading, you should wait until after one year to go over the area again. Even if it has faded before one year, you can fill in with makeup and wait at least a full year before coming back. You don’t want to be microblading too often, too soon as it would be damaging your skin in the long run.

How long will my semi permanent makeup last?

 They fade over time and should be refreshed every 1-1. 5 years for maintenance. Fading is desired as your skin and facial structure will change as aging occurs. However this does not mean that your semi-permanent makeup will completely disappear. Depending on  your skin and health, overtime your semi-permanent makeup may leave a soft haze of residual pigment behind. It is recommended to refresh them before 2 years and no sooner than 1 year. If they have faded before a year, you may fill them in with makeup and wait after 1 year to come back for additional touchups to avoid too much trauma to your skin.

These factors will cause your semi-permanent tattoo to fade faster:

  • Iron deficiency
  • Sun exposure
  • Exfoliants
  • Strong immune systems
  • Exposure to salt water

What pigments do you use?

I use iron oxide pigments. These pigments fade over time as your body will naturally absorb it. They are considered the safest semi-permanent pigments to use for skin.

What is your sterilization/sanitization process?

  • All needles and hand tools are single-use, come in a sterilized package, and disposed of after each client.
  • Implements such as gauze, cotton swabs, etc. are single-use and disposed of after each client.
  • Gloves and mask are worn at all times during the procedure and disposed of after each client.
  • All stations are thoroughly disinfected with Caviwipes after each client


Angela’s Service List PRICE
First Session of Eyebrow Microblading (2 hours)

+ Shading

*prices are subject to change and may increase or vary for travel dates


$600 (plus tax)

+$100 (plus tax)



+Colour Correction (2 hours)

(Colour Correction is now only offered as an ADD-ON service)

+$100 (plus tax)

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal (1hr)

$150-200 per session

 Body Tattoo Removal (1hr+)  $200+ depending on size


Adoriana’s Service List PRICE
First Session of Eyebrow Microblading (3 hours)

+ Shading

*prices are subject to change and may increase or vary for travel dates

$400 (plus tax)

+$100 (plus tax)



 Beauty mark

(only offered as an ADD-ON service)

+$100 (plus tax)

Touch-ups for Eyebrows

Touch-up pricing and appointments do NOT apply to tattooing over work previously done by another artist. You must book an initial appointment first to receive touch-ups.

Touch-ups with Angela

  • $100 within 3 months
  • $200 within 6 months
  • $300 within 12 months 
  • $350 within 18 months
  • $400 within 2 years
  • $500 after 2 years


Touch-ups with Adoriana

  • $100 within 3 months
  • $200 within 6 months
  • $250 within 12 months 
  • $300 within 18 months
  • $350 within 2 years
  • $400 after 2 years





Results are extremely dependant on how one heals and will vary with each individual client. Successful results and specific colour requests are not guaranteed (especially on those with problematic skin and or cover up an old tattoo) and additional sessions, at a minimum charge, may be required to obtain desired results.  Although I use premium products and provide quality services, every client heals differently and many factors can lead to varied results.  I do not guarantee perfect proportions or symmetry as some bone structures and muscle movements do not call for it. The final shape is completely your decision, and tattooing will not start until you decide on the final shape. Please read though my entire FAQ section carefully to see if this procedure will be beneficial to you. All services provided are non-refundable. 


A $100 deposit is required in order to book and confirm your appointment and will be deducted from the total cost of your service. 48 hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable if you choose to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 48 hours from your appointment.

*For out of town guest spots, deposits may increase or vary and will be non-refundable if you choose to cancel within 7 days from your appointment so do please give ample notice, so I can at least fill that spot if you can’t make it.


Please read the FAQ section to determine whether you are a good candidate for these procedures. If upon arrival we determine that you can not go through with the procedure because of a condition listed in the FAQ section, your deposit will be non-refundable. 

Pricing and Touchups

Services are paid per session and some may need more than one session to achieve desired results whether it may be to fill in gaps, create more density, changing color, etc. Microblading is not an exact science to create completely identical brows on each side. It’s an art form to help simulate hairstrokes to make your eyebrows appear fuller and more even. Many different factors can lead to different results such as sleeping on your face, sun exposure, harsh ingredients in your skin care products, or difference in hair growth on each side. Therefore, it is mandatory to read though all of the information provided in the FAQ section so you know what to expect and follow your AFTERCARE properly.

Ready to start?

***PLEASE NOTE When selecting an unavailable date, the booking system will automatically skip to the next available date and time slots. So please pay close attention to the date you are trying to book.

**If there are no appointments available, please stay posted on my Instagram account @StudioArtisphere and turn post notifications ON for when I announce cancellations or new appointments for each month!

*You must send a picture of your old tattoo prior to booking an appointment to see if we are able to cover it up with microblading. Tattoos that are still too dark may need removal or color correcting first. For Angela send to ArtistryofAngelaLin@gmail.com. For Adoriana send to ArtistryofAdoriana@gmail.com


Hours of operation


Monday –
Thursday| 12pm – 9pm
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Tuesday –
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